MEMSCAP® flies with success within a wide range of aircrafts. MEMSCAP® very modular aerospace products are designed for all the aeronautics control systems worldwide, and their applications range from engine control, altitude and cabin pressure control, air data, to altimeters, air speed and space applications. Best solution elected by European Security HASTAC Project, those products fulfill all the highest requirements for stability, extreme accuracy and performance while bringing added functionalities such as small size and small weight and the ability to execute the widest range of measurements, from very high to low pressure.

These sensor solutions, including SP82 AL, SP82 DL or TP3100, are embarked onboard ultra-light Adam Aircraft new Very Light Jet A700, CESSNA Mustang Citation, or even the whole aircraft fleet of New Piper. They are also to be found in aeronautics systems of Liebherr Aerospace or at the core of Avidyne’s Entegra integrated flight deck system.

"We selected the MEMSCAP Transducer because it provides us the accuracy and stability needed to exceed our customers expectations," says Mark Perkins, Executive Vice President of Aerosonic Corporation.

Mark Krebs, Director of Avidyne’s Guidance and Controls Group, explains:
"Avidyne requires low costs, exceptional reliability and high accuracy. We chose MEMSCAP because we find they provide the optimum solution".

Flaishans, Vice President of Engineering for L-3 Avionics Systemsm says:
"L-3 Avionics Systems considers MEMSCAP a key partner in SmartDeck. We selected the MEMSCAP Transducer because it provides an easily integrated, plug-and-play (drop-in) air data solution from a proven source”.

“We chose MEMSCAP for this program because it was the only company which could demonstrate its ability to meet our needs for proven technology and extreme flexibility. MEMSCAP also offers an uninterrupted track record of quality and reliability and these are key elements for our customer”, explains Wolfgang Schwarz, DCMS Program Manager at Diehl Aerospace.

"We have selected MEMSCAP pressure sensor because of manufacturing quality, its precision, and its stability are unique in this field," states Lionel Pujols, Project Manager at Liebherr Aerospace.

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