Disposable line-set 844-26

The SP844-26 disposable line set is a dry coupled accessory to the MEMSCAP SP844 Blood pressure transducer.

All parts of the line set are latex-free. All tubings, flush-line and patient line are selected to fit the area of use and performance. The flush line will immediately retrieve its original appearance after the tube is squeezed and the roller clamp is pulled back in its original position (open).
Flush device repeats in terms of fluid demands of 3ml/hour.

Patient tube hardness is 90 Shore A. This is a critical choice due to required frequency response and minimal signal attenuation (damping of signal shall be minimized).

A stop Cock has been specially designed for blood pressure measurements and secures minimal air bubbles in the tubes during operation.

All materials are Bio compatible and FDA approved.

Domes are not under any circumstances interchangeable between other transducer types due to different attachment methods. When selecting the accessory, make sure that it is the appropriate device for the transducer you also selected. Should you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will help you make the appropriate choice.

Disposable line-set 844-26

Disposable line-set 844-26

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