PolyMUMPs is the industry's longest-running MEMS multi-project wafer service, with over a decade of history. As the foundation of the MUMPs® program, PolyMUMPs has driven the idea of the Standard Process approach as a clear path to device functionality and volume production. Customers such as Lucent and the former OMM utilized PolyMUMPs very early in the design stage for proof-of-concept prototyping, then modified the process slightly to support the respective applications in volume production.

In the early 1990's, PolyMUMPs was one of the few alternatives available to designers for making MEMS; consequently, the service was primarily used to create innovative devices and resultant Intellectual Property. Today, PolyMUMPs has taken on an much broader role as a process/program that can support a variety of initiatives.

Many universities use the service today as a way to teach beginning MEMS design at the undergraduate level, using PolyMUMPs as the "example" process. In this environment, classes will study MUMPs® during the semester then submit a design and get chips back in time for the end of the semester. Another use for PolyMUMPs is as a benchmarking tool for software models and statistical studies, where theories are validated with measured data from actual, fabricated chips. PolyMUMPs chips also serve as a standard building block for larger scale systems, where the MEMS chip is only one piece of the overall system. PolyMUMPs' well-understood properties and predictable outcomes are advantageously leveraged to make MEMS the "black box" fixed-component.

About The Process

PolyMUMPs is a three-layer polysilicon surface and bulk micromachining process, with 2 sacrificial layers and one metal layer. Eight mask levels create 7 physical layers. The minimum feature size in PolyMUMPs is 2um. Devices that can be made in PolyMUMPs include: Acoustics(microphones), Sensors, Accelerometers, Micro-fluidics, and Display Technologies.

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