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Customers who need additional services on their MUMPs die, performed "post-process", can order them directly from the reservation form. Standard, in-house services include subdicing, HF Release, and Supercritical CO2 Dry. Additionally, MEMSCAP works with qualified, 3rd party suppliers to offer even more post-processes such as Atomic Layer Deposition or other custom services such as die-to-die bonding. An explanation of some of these services is listed below.
MEMSCAP can subdice some or all of your 15 standard die, to a minimum size of 2.5mm x 2.5mm if not ordering HF Release/CO2 Dry or to a size of 5mm x 5mm if ordering HF Release/CO2 Dry. Please remember to follow the Design Rules in regards to subdicing streets drawn in your design. The cost for subdicing is per cut per 15 standard die. On some occasions, it might be possible for MEMSCAP to subdice your die into smaller chips, however this approach carries additional risk which can impact die final yield. As such, MEMSCAP cannot guarantee this approach. Customers requesting this non-standard service will be responsible for any yield impact.
Note: This service is applicable to PolyMUMPs and MetalMUMPs only; subdicing in SOIMUMPs can be designed in.

HF Release
For customers who do not have the capability to release their die, MEMSCAP offers the HF Release service. The price listed for HF Release is per 15 standard die or subdie. Please refer to the graphic below for more information on how pricing works for this service on subdiced die.
Note: This service is applicable to PolyMUMPs only; release in MetalMUMPs and SOIMUMPs is included with the standard die site order.

Supercritical CO2 Dry
Traditional methods of releasing polysilicon surface micromachined devices with HF often fail due to stiction. One method for reducing stiction is to dry the devices (after HF Release) by means of a supercritical transformation of carbon dioxide which prevents surface tension from pulling suspended structures down to the substrate. This process is only used in combination with the HF Release PolyMUMPs post-process. The price listed for Supercritical CO2 is per 15 standard die or subdie. Please refer to the graphic below for more information on how pricing works for this service on subdiced die.
Note: This service is applicable to PolyMUMPs only.

Atomic Layer Deposition
MEMSCAP is pleased to offer dielectric coatings through Alumina Atomic Layer Deposition at the die level for PolyMUMPs and SOIMUMPs through the University of Colorado and MEMS Exchange.
ALD has many important benefits over other more standard thin film deposition techniques such as chemical vapor deposition (CVD). During CVD, the surface is exposed to both reactants at the same time. This allows for gas-phase reactions, which cause particle formation and poorly controlled growth. During ALD, only one reactant at a time is present so that only surface reactions occur. This insures smooth conformal films with an extreme (atomic) level of control over growth. ALD can be performed at temperatures well below typical CVD temperatures(typical temperatures do not exceed 180C), thus allowing the coating of relatively fragile materials such as polymers without damage. ALD provides for control of deposited film thickness at atomic-level resolution, a level well beyond existing technologies. Al2O3 films grown by ALD techniques are insulating, pin-hole free, conformal, amorphous and smooth. For example, previous work has demonstrated that Al2O3 ALD films can conformally coat MUMPs Polysilicon microstructures with high surface area-to-volume ratios. These ALD-coated MEMS were repeatedly electrostatically actuated and the Al2O3 ALD dielectric coating was found to prevent electrical shorting and increase the lifetime of the devices without failure.

For more detailed information on ALD, please visit the University of Colorado's ALD web pages or send us an email using the contact us website form.
Note: This service is applicable to PolyMUMPs and SOIMUMPs only.

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